What got me started

In 2016, as my clock ticked towards the last year of my twenties, I started reflecting on the choices I have made and the goals that I was chasing. I found that I have gotten very good at adhering to all the social rules, standards and expectations. And eventhough I had almost every ingredient to be happy and at ease, I was restless.
This just isn’t it anymore. Let’s shake things up.

What I did

I don’t have a solution to this early-thirties crises, I just chose to go in a different direction. Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary but it can also set you free and give you blank pages to write a new story on. So instead of chasing, I wanted to let go and collect memories, experiences, new friendships and new insights on life.

What I’m about

This is not a necessarily a quest about reinventing myself. I’m happy to take with me all the good and the bad experiences that taught me how to deal with whatever comes my way. This is me, cruising through life, as a digital nomad who loves to work, have fun, rest and workout.

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