So, let me tell you about all the AMAZING people that I’ve met:

February 2017

I have met an amazing woman in Floripa, called Mari. She is the most hospitable and caring person I have met in a long time and I’m very happy to call her my friend. So when in Brazil, and definitly when in Florianópolis, make sure you contact Mari, because you’ll be in good hands with her. She arranges housing, events, and makes business arrangements for international entrepreneurs seeking to invest or start a business in Brazil. Her company Good Hands Brazil will launch shortly and you can contact her now through her business called Ever After.


First tribute goes out to Robert Gibb IV, also known as mr. Gibbs.

I’ve met mr. Gibbs on the We Roam Polaris Tour and I genuinly feel like I’ve met a friend whom I’m going to have shitloads of fun adventures and interesting conversations with. He is also the one who inspired me to set up a blog (so feel free to blame him if you don’t like my writings).

You can check out mr. Gibbs’ website here